Information about orthodontic, braces, Invisalign or removalbe plates to straighten your teeth.

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Choose from a range of colours to accesorise your braces. Footy teams, seasonal colours or your favourite combinations. Have a many or as few as you prefer or stick with silver which matches the metal braces.

Scanner Wand

We use an iTero 3D digital scanner to aquire data for our Invisalign patients. On the tip of the wand is a lens which works like a video camera to capture images of the teeth and gums.


Straighten your teeth without braces! First we scan your teeth and then use the Invisalign system. A series of almost invisible aligners are manufactured to align your teeth.

3D Digital Scans

Our digital scanner allows us to make 3D models of teeth for improved accuracy of aligner fit. Compared to traditional impressions the aligners fit more accurately giving you a better result.

Infection Control

Our autoclave ensures all our insturments are sterile. We also use gloves and masks to prevent cross infection for all our patients.


Invisible retainers are manufactured in our lab so your teeth remain stable after orthodontic treatment.

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Dr Iain Ferguson


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Welcome to Teeth That Smile

This web site is different from most other orthodontic sites that you may have visited. Most orthodontic sites are written by web designers and script writers and are filled with generic content. All the content on this site has been written by Dr. Iain Ferguson, a specialist orthodontist.

Dr Iain Ferguson

My aim is to answer your questions and inform you about orthodontics. The pages contain information on types of treatments available, patient care and orthodontic fees. All costs associated with orthodontic treatment are detailed, along with all payment plan options.

I hope you enjoy this web site and if you have any questions please email me and I will try to answer them for you.

How Can We Help You?

If you are searching the web for information on orthodontics and would like to know about fixed braces or Invisalign treatment the following pages should help to answer some of your questions. Of course the best way to give a complete opinion would be at an orhtodontic consultation.

An initial consultation takes 30 minutes and costs just $40. About half of this fee is claimable under private insurance as a general dental item number.


When patients come to the orthodontist they usually have specific areas of concern. Dr. Ferguson will ask what your concerns are before the examination begins. Only a mirror and a ruler are used in assessing the teeth and the underlying jaw bones.

Once the examination is complete it is common for a parent or accompanying party to be given a guided tour of the patients mouth with Dr. Ferguson explaining how the teeth and jaws should be aligned and demonstrating any discrepancies.

A provisional diagnosis and possible treatment options are discussed and explained with the help of a computer simulation and models of braces. If Invisalign is proposed as a treatment option a demonstration of the intra oral scanner, the Clincheck software and the aligners is carried out.


In order to make a complete diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan a full set of orthodontic records are required. These consist of digital photographs of the face and teeth, plaster study models of the teeth and two radiographs. The radiographs are carried out at the radiology clinic around the corner and will be bulk billed under Medicare and couriered back to the practice.

Dr. Ferguson will trace and plan the radiographs and a formal treatment discussion is held outlining the diagnosis and treatment plan in detail. Once all of the questions have been answered arrangements can be made to have the braces fitted or the Invisalign scan completed.

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