Orthodontic treatment is expensive so here are all of our fees and charges for your consideration.


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Choose from a range of colours to accesorise your braces. Footy teams, seasonal colours or your favourite combinations. Have a many or as few as you prefer or stick with silver which matches the metal braces.

Scanner Wand

We use an iTero 3D digital scanner to aquire data for our Invisalign patients. On the tip of the wand is a lens which works like a video camera to capture images of the teeth and gums.


Straighten your teeth without braces! First we scan your teeth and then use the Invisalign system. A series of almost invisible aligners are manufactured to align your teeth.

3D Digital Scans

Our digital scanner allows us to make 3D models of teeth for improved accuracy of aligner fit. Compared to traditional impressions the aligners fit more accurately giving you a better result.

Infection Control

Our autoclave ensures all our insturments are sterile. We also use gloves and masks to prevent cross infection for all our patients.


Invisible retainers are manufactured in our lab so your teeth remain stable after orthodontic treatment.

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Dr Iain Ferguson


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Initial Consultation

Our standard initial consultation fee is $40. This is a 30 minute appointment where a full examination is carried out. A provisional diagnosis and possible treatment plan are also outlined at this appointment.

Most patients have many questions about their teeth or orthodontics and there is plenty of time for discussion and answers.

Records and Discussion

In order to properly diagnose and treatment plan an orthodontic case a collection of records is required. We take three pictures of the face, five pictures of the teeth, a set of plaster study models is constructed and two radiographs are requested from the radiology clinic.

The radiographs are bulk billed under Medicare and couriered back to Dr. Ferguson. He then traces the lateral skull and formulates a diagnosis and treatment plan.

A formal discussion is then carried out at the next appointment and all diagnostic and treatment planning issues are discussed in detail. Following this discussion appointments are scheduled to fit the braces or carry out an Invisalign scan.

The cost of the records, treatment planning and formal discussion is $300.

Classic Braces

Classic braces use metal brackets on the upper and lower teeth. The cost is $8100 for a full course of orthodontic treatment. There are two alternative payment plans available:

Payment Plan #1

$8100 is broken down into an initial payement of $2700 followed by18 monthly installments of $300. There are no interest or service fees charged with this payment plan. Payments can be made by credit card, EFTPOS, cash, cheque or electronic transfer.

Payment Plan #2

Full payment. If full payment is made at the start of treatment we offer a $500 discount on the standard fee of $8100. A total fee of $7600 is payable on the day the braces are fitted. Payments can be made by credit card, EFTPOS, cash, cheque or electronic transfer.

Sapphire Braces

Sapphire brackets are available on upper teeth only or upper and lower teeth. They are an additional $300 per arch. If you have upper sapphire and lower metal it is $300 extra and if you have upper and lower sapphire it is $600 extra. This extra is payable at the beginning of treatment and your choice of the two payment plans are still available for the balance.


Invisalign treatments involve a large upfront lab fee before construction of the aligners commences. Treatment costs are a bit more expensive at the beginning and because treatment times are usually a little shorter the payments are made over a shorter period of time. Invisalign costs $10300 which is broken into an initial deposit of $4300 when the scan is carried out and 12 monthly payments of $500. If full payment is made at the beginning of treatment a $500 discount will be offered so the total payment is $9800. Payments can be made by credit card, EFTPOS, cash, cheque, direct debit or electronic transfer.

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